Office 365 for Business is one of the most powerful cloud subscription services out there. Still, most small businesses are only using a handful of the available features it comes with. Here’s a quick look at some of the best features in your Office 365 Business subscription that you’re not using.

Microsoft Bookings 

A little-known gem within Office 365 Business, Microsoft Bookings gives your potential clients the ability to schedule an appointment, pay deposits or fees, and view your service offerings. The setup is simple and you can easily integrate it with your website or use it in your email signature. Microsoft Bookings is a great alternative to services like Square Appointments or Calendly.

Who Should Use It: Any professional wanting to give clients the ability to book sessions and pay in advance.  Stylists, consultants, therapists, and attorneys are just a few professions that would benefit from Bookings.

Microsoft Planner 

Don’t pay for Monday or Trello when you already have Microsoft Planner in your Office 365 Business subscription. Microsoft Planner goes beyond the typical to-do list found in the suite by offering boards, buckets, and cards to easily track and manage projects. You can chat with co-workers and assign teams to certain tasks to make every collaboration successful.

Why Use It: This is a great tool for interdepartmental use as well as for coordinating remote teams and keeping projects organized.

Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft has been slowly pushing Office 365 Business users to adopt Microsoft Teams and it has replaced Skype for Business in the current subscriptions. Teams is an all-around better tool for collaborating, chatting, meeting, and organizing your staff. Additionally, it integrates with Planner, OneNote, and other Microsoft apps to help you keep track of everything in one place.

Who Should Use It: Everyone. What we love about Microsoft Teams is it truly fits businesses of all sizes. Additionally, if you have a remote workforce, Teams is the perfect tool to help manage projects and keep your team connected.

Microsoft Forms 

As the name implies, Forms is Microsoft’s tool for creating custom forms, surveys, and quizzes. You can use different themes to design the forms to your liking and export the data you collect to Excel. This easy to use drag and drop tool makes it a great alternative to mainstays like Google Forms and Survey Monkey.

Why Use It: Instead of paying for an additional service like Survey Monkey, you can use Microsoft Forms for market research and consumer outreach as part of your Office 365 Business Subscription.

Microsoft Flow 

Microsoft Flow is an automation tool designed to connect the various applications you use for business. It has tons of customizable, pre-built templates for automating repetitive tasks. Flow is not limited to Microsoft products. You can use flow to automatically share Instagram posts to Facebook, save comments to Google Sheets, or email tweets containing specific keywords.

Why Use It: Microsoft Flow is all about eliminating the need for manual tasks. Any business that is looking to automate their social media processes, receive insight on marketing efforts, or streamline the way you collect and store data will benefit from Flow.

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