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Dream, Start, Thrive.

Reach your full potenatial with advice from industry experts.

SiOne Business Consulting was foundeed by passionate experts in technology, marketing, and eCommerce. We work exclusively with small startups and entrepreneurs looking to expand and grow their business. With our help, you’ll receive all the tools and guidance you need to make your business a success.

Meet the team

Megan Marcucci

Megan Marcucci


The growth potential for often-neglected small businesses inspired me to start building my own inventory of solutions geared specifically for them. I curated a team of individuals skilled in the areas of IT, digital marketing, project management, and virtual administration. Together, we’ve helped grow over 50 small businesses across the country in the past 5 years.


Sean Marcucci

Sean Marcucci

Information Technology Professional

First and foremost, I am an idea guy. However, without action, ideas are useless. That is what I love most about working with small businesses. The ideas. I love seeing them come to life, how they have grown and where they are going. But, sometimes, ideas get stuck and that is where I come in. I pair ideas with actions in ways many small business owners may not have considered

Our Approach

We love talking to business owners. Your passion for your business is where you started and it’s where we start too. Our business consulting services are built around communication. We get to know not only your business but who you are and your goals for the future.

Once we understand your goals, we’ll develop a comprehensive plan to help you meet them. Then we guide you through each step and enable you to make lasting changes to your business and your life.

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