Business Consulting Services

Build, Strategize, Grow

Get the advice you need to take your business to the next level.

Strategy Development

Build strategies for lasting growth.

Marketing Consulting

Learn to market with confidence.

Services for Startups

Everything you need to start your business off right.

Small Business Workshops

Workshops tailored to meet the needs of your small business.

Helping You Build Your Business The Right Way

Want to run your own business, but not sure how?

Whether you want to take action on your business idea ot grow a business you’ve already started, out business consulting services will get you on the path towards success. As your partners in this journey, we will help guide you towards the right tool, create the right plans, and give you the right support to keep you moving forward.

What Is Business Consulting?


The initial part of the consulting process revolves around analyzing where you are in your business journey and what it needed to reach your goals.


We leverage our experience building successful businesses to identify the best methods and resources to deliver results for your business. You benefit from our wide-ranging knowledge of what can and will work for your business.


Our businesses consulting services are designed to not only educate you on the options available, but to help you implement the strategies we build together.


Unlike seminars or public classes, our business consulting services are customized, private and specific. your business is unique and deserves an approach that matches.

How Do I know If Consulting is Right For My Business?

The simple truth is that every small business or entrepreneur needs some of form of consulting at some point in their business journey.  If any of these statements apply to, know that you are not alone, and that you are just a click away from getting the support you need.

"I have business ideas but I don't know where to start."

We’ll guide you through the scenarios of each idea and help you see what’s involved in pursing them. This will allow you to obtain a firm grasp on the idea that is truly business worthy.

Our confidentiality agreements prevents us from sharing your ideas with others, so even if you aren’t ready to move forward with an idea, you’ll still be able to come back to it.

"I need help building a business plan."

Thinking ahead and creating a plan is what we do best.  We’ve designed a consulting startup package for the sole purpose of helping you develop your business plan and more. Even if you are already operating, we’ll guide you through creating an attractive business plan for landlords, investors, or banks.

"My business isn't turning a profit."

Not turning a profit in your business doesn’t mean you’ve failed. With a little analysis of your marketing, pricing, and processes, our business consulting services will help you identify the reason behind stalled or reduced profits. Together, we will build a solution to get you on the path towards growth.

"I need help marketing my business and building my brand."

Building a marketing strategy for your business is the most significant time and financial investment you can make in your business. All of our business consulting services involve developing a marketing strategy to give your brand lasting success.

"I need help creating processes for my business."

Strong processes are at the heart of every successful small business. No matter what stage of your business journey you are in, we’ll help you build processes and procedures specific to the current and future needs of your business.

Our Approach

We love talking to business owners. Your passion for your business is where you started and it’s where we start too. Our business consulting services are built around communication. We get to know not only your business but who you are and your goals for the future.

Once we understand your goals, we’ll develop a comprehensive plan to help you meet them. Then we guide you through each step and enable you to make lasting changes to your business and your life.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Before you start your business journey with us, we like to take some time and get to know you. Our process is all about trust and commitment. This free 1-on-1 gives us both the opportunity to make sure this partnership is the best match for you.


Choose a Consulting Package

Our customizeable business consulting services are offered in packages built for results. No matter what type of support you are looking for,  we’ll design a solution that fits your needs.

Reach Your Goals

We’re only successful if you’re successful. Throughout your business journey with us, we’ll keep you focused, challenged, and moving forward until you reach the goals we established at the beginning.

Startup Starter Kit

Get guidance through the 3 most crucial parts of starting your business; creating your business plan, planning your website, and marketing your brand.


More Details
  • Business Plan
  • Website Plan
  • Marketing Strategy
  • 3 months completion
  • Weekly 1-on-1 business consulting sessions
  • Phone and email support
  • Software and product training

Small Business Consulting Package

Grow your business with weekly consulting sessions and access to the support for your unique business needs.


More Details
  • Weekly business consulting sessions
  • Email support
  • Business document templates customized to your needs
  • Software and product training

Business Adviser Plan

Run your business confidently with advice from your business consultants and customized business documents when you need it.


More Details
  • Up to 4 hrs of email support per month
  • Customized business documents
  • 25% off business consulting sessions
  • Up to 1-30 minute software or product training session per month

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